Under every number hides a whole broken family  

 “OFEK HAZARA LAHAIM” Association (Registered association 58058216)

Helps sick people and there families after medical crisis.    *לרפואת אופק רפאל בן רות

The organization operates on five main levels:
1. Provides immediate support after the disaster / event through a volunteer bank made up of special parents.
2. Promotes legislation in the fields of health and welfare.
3. Special parents are given free tickets for performances and events, so that they can "clean" their head from daily difficulties and return with renewed strength to the daily struggles.
4. Appointment and training of parents to to represent in special education committees.
5. Leading legislators laws and public activity to prevent medical malpractice and insurance coverage in the health system.we engaged in promoting safety in hospitals and prevention of medical malpractice in Israely

measurements into hospitals in Israel 

The organization " established in 2014 by "Special Parents", volunteers, and professionals led by Reute and Amiad Taob Ofeks parents. Ofek got seriously injured when he was 8 month old.

after the families life changed, while the parents and siblings stayed in the hospital for about a year discovering the problems sick people and there families get to. Where there life

 changed at once, the parents decided to help families with a sick or injured child. Those families are not facing only the disease, it concludes the Emotional, economic and bureaucratic distress, and not any less important the feeling of – helplessness. Every family that encountered medical crisis had felt that, and wishes to get out of it into a new productive way of life while dealing with the disease.

The organization "Ofek back to life" undertook helping families and give them a way out. Helping them continue there life in the best way although what they have bean through.

Numbers And Statistics

In the last 5 years the average of sever cases goes between 6000 -9000 every year (children only).

1. 2520 born with maim every year.

2. 2939 kids injured in a car accident (until age 14).

3. 746 kids diagnosed as a severe case (2013).

Every one of those families makes down a medical crisis. There "puzzle" of life scrambles up. There life changes in every possible way, Social, economic and psychological. When they leave the hospital they have no idea how to keep on into normal life.

How can you help ?

A. Connect share and like

Ofeks site: http//www.ofekor.co.il

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ofekor2013

B. Volunteer

Devote some of your time getting professional training, then volunteer supporting families after a medical crisis\families that had lost there child do for a fatal disease

Devote time participating the community support system

C. Donate

Phone number : +972-3-7476666

Mail: datili@015.net.il

On our site: www.ofekor.co.il

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